Cameron vs. Teddy Trouble & Bomb Bower


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Your favorite King of the Ring, Cameron, is back, and boasting about his flexibility, agility and ability — all of which is true.  Plus, let’s face it, Cameron is in incredible shape and has cover boy looks.  There’s plenty to legitimately boast about.  But when he sees Bomb Bower, he is quick to admit that he might have bitten off a little more than he could chew.  Bower is, well, huge.  Tall, massive legs, and a big, firm gut that could very well crush many opponents with little effort.

Bower is also known as the “tit ripper,” and he puts Cameron through a bit of nipple torture.  But apart from dirty moves, he knows his way around the ring.  He probably did a lot of damage to opponents in his leaner years.  Even when Cameron gets the upper hand with an off-the-top-rope leg scissors, his dominance is short lived.  Winded, Bower welcomes Teddy Trouble to the ring.  Longtime fans know why Teddy is named Trouble.  He’s got the moves and the mean streak.

Cameron has no choice but to fight dirty, getting their balls in a twist and giving him momentary opportunities to play Bowers and Trouble off each other.  But that only means those two are going to go for the “meat and beans” themselves.  Once they get one of Cameron’s boots off, it becomes the perfect crotch assault weapon.

Along the way you will see lots of rope action, double suplexes, clotheslines, slams, breakers, scissors, piledrivers, and a host of other well executed pro moves.  Cameron usually gets those crazy eyes and figures out a way to come out on top, but Bowers just might be, literally, too big of an obstacle this time.

Run Time 28 minutes, 15 seconds

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