Cameron vs. Teddy Trouble (British Rules)


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I have been an admirer of Teddy since I first saw him in action. He's easily one of the most innovative and technically skilled professional wrestlers I have ever seen and I knew I had to challenge not only him, but myself as well. 

I believe I am a very skilled pro wrestler, but there are a few stars that I would credit at being more skilled between the ropes than myself. Teddy definitely being one of them.

To even the odds, I knew I needed to get Teddy in unfamiliar territory. I shot a few ideas to Teddy for the contractual rules of our bout. He seemed most unfamiliar with the World of Sport British-style of wrestling. Multiple rounds, multiple submissions or pinfalls or one big knockout. On top of that, the referee could reprimand you with "Public Warnings," which ultimately could lead to a disqualification from the match. 

So the rules we agreed upon:

Five 5-Minute Rounds
First Man to Gain 2 Falls/Submissions OR Knocks Out Their Foe

I had a blast testing my skills...and Teddy's during this match.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 7 seconds

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