Cameron vs. Todd The Rod


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Todd the Rod has climbed the ranks at Wrestler4Hire pretty quickly. Not bad for an average dude. It was only a matter of time before I took him on myself. What starts out as a witty back-and-forth blossoms into a chest-to-chest face off. Suddenly we’re going at it hard! 

Todd manages to force me to my knees, going to town on my fingers and flipping me fast and hard. Suddenly there’s an elbow pressing my face into the mat. No thanks! Todd gets a taste of a little pain as I wrench his arm behind his back and coil my serpent like arms around his neck. 

“You’re fuckin’ with the champ, baby,” I whisper in his ear. My thighs crush his head like a nutcracker. Man, I love when a big guy gets red in the face. I pull that face into my balls and order him to give up, but in a flash he’s turned the tables on me. I don’t even know how, but I’m hurting. Now we’re going harder than ever, as I bring him to his knees. It’s a sweaty, high flying, hardcore, personal pro match complete with hair pulling, sleepers, and some sweet acrobatic action! 

Total Runtime: 24 minutes, 21 seconds

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