Cameron vs. Ty Alexander (My Nuts, Bro)


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What the hell was I thinking? I know what the script said, but I should've known better than to let Ty Alexander be the heel in a ball bash. Ouch!

We filmed this in my buddies barn in New England. It was almost midnight, but Ty and I were wide awake. I decided what better time to shoot a match than while we had an audience who was in need of entertainment. I can't take credit for the script, but I'm glad it was written. This match was fun (and painful). 

Ty knows how to ball bash. I was very hesistant to keep going once he got the first grip on my nuts, but Ty wasn't going to let me go and I wasn't going to be deemed a pussy in front of my friends. Well, my pain is certainly your pleasure. 

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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