Cameron vs. Z-Man (From The Vault)


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ZMan’s a hot stud with those shadow-casting pecs and that pretty face. Yours truly struts barefoot and ready to brawl. Standing face-to-face, we’re a pretty even match as far as size and good looks go...and it’s always a pleasure to see a pathetic jobberboy eat it. ZMan tastes the corner, then the floor, as I camel his ass and sleeper him, clawing at his pretty boy face with pleasure.

“You know what I like about jobbers like you? I can show the camera each and every muscle I’m tearing apart. Show off that body!” I show off ZMan’s pecs and abs when I get him in a double hammerlock, only to find myself getting strangled in the corner when ZMan recovers. I grab his hair in retaliation, then drape his muscular body over my knee, hoist him into the air, then slam him down again.

I claw and elbow his abs, crank his neck, crush his torso, and never ever let up. Arms and legs tangle as I force the pretty muscle hunk into one compromising position after another. A slow test of strength sees us exchanging positions of power. Looks like ZMan really is the jobber of the century...but can he find the strength to come out of this confrontation holding his head up?

Runtime: 30 minutes, 14 seconds

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