Chace LaChance & Cal Bennett vs. Ty Alexander


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Chace LaChance and Cal Bennett are in the ring talking about their club and a potential new recruit. When Ty Alexander is shown as the new recruit, the pair are simply not impressed. Right from the beginning Chace and Cal make Ty their plaything, pounding on his back, a double back breaker, and ab claws with 4 hands causing the damage instead.

Chace seems to take particular pleasure in really focusing on Ty’s back with some body slams, an extended camel clutch and some stomps and forearms to the young wrestler’s exposed back. Watching Ty thrown around the ring as the two have their way is something many have fantasized about!

But you know the old saying that over-confidence can breed complacency, well….it rears it’s upgly head again. The duo offer Ty the challenge of seeing how hard he can punch their abdomens, assuming that they can survive anything he can muster. But Ty didn’t get to where he is without some wisdom and he takes the opportunity to turn the tables on the two. In moments Chace and Cal are on the mat and Ty then begins to have his way with both of them. A double headlock leads to a double DDT and a final double dragon sleeper and suddenly the two muscular studs are asleep on the mat. If you like a 2 on 1 that turns into a 1 on 2 then this one is for you!

Total running time: 19 minutes, 57 seconds

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