Chace LaChance vs. Gabe Steele (Thongs)


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There may be no finer specimen on the mats today than the one and only Chase LaChance. The dude has the body every boy dreamed of having. That perfect v, those deep sex-lines pointing into his barely-there g-string, those He-Man thighs, that hot layer of hair that adds emphasis to his already perfect pecs, abs, and armpits.

Then there’s Gabe Steel, the beefy bronze god with an unconventional look. Steel’s building up a reputation as a killer heel. But surely Chase can take him? Nah. Steel’s got this one, so sick back, relax (if you can), and enjoy Gabe Steel’s ball-busting, foot on face, spread eagle-inducing attack on the “perfect” man.

Chase kicks, struggles, screams, and begs like a pro, and Steel muscle pounds him into his armpits, crushes his abs with his boots, yanks him around by his hair, and slams him into the mat so hard Chase barely opens his eyes for the entire match. But this is W4HMAX, and a sound beating isn’t gonna be enough for a sensual sadist like Steel. He’s gotta use Chase’s g-string against him, flossing Chase’s hairy ass so deeply that g-string all but disappears up there, as Chase lays limp and weak, his perfect, pretty boy lips parted in breathless exhaustion.

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 4 seconds

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