Chace LaChance vs. Jaxton Wheeler


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There’s a special spot on the fetish wall of fame for socks sweaty athletic socks. They’re a total turn on! And who better to pull a sweaty, sensual pair of socks over their muscular calves than Chase LaChance and Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton Wheeler mocks Chase’s blue cocks, which looks incredibly hot in his white, weather-beaten lace up wrestling boots. 

Wheeler throws Chase around, leaving him ass-up and face down, his hot, muscular, hairy body heaving and desperate for rescue. To top things off, Wheeler pulls down the jobber-skank’s socks with each throw. Chase struggles to pull his socks up, even as he kicks and claws against his heel-daddy master. Wheeler settles into a comfortable (for him) camel clutch, driving his own sexy ass deep into Chase’s until his perfect lips part to utter the words every heel cums to at night: “I give!” 

Wheeler pulls Chase’s hair, tossing him around like a pillow. He twists his leg backwards, digs his knee into his back, and takes heaping handfuls of Chace’s ass and he lifts him up again and again...and always, always, he pulls the jobber’s socks down. Can Chase find a way to keep his socks up, or is Wheeler the sexiest and most successful sock submission stud of all time? 

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 23 seconds

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