Chace LaChance vs. Jessie Lee


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If you’ve never had the chance to bask in the glow of the hot and hairy, perfectly proportioned, porn-worthy prince of the ring Chace’re missing out on one of the most inspiring fighters around. It’s hard to NOT be impressed by the pectoral, abdominal, bicep, back, thigh, and pretty face show that he’s putting on. Jessie Lee, however, doesn't seem all that impressed.

The impish, grinning Lee sneaks into the ring like an assassin, scaling Chace’s hairy mountain of hunkiness to clamp his own smooth arms around that manly neck. Within seconds, Chace is out like a light, and cutie Lee gets to rip into the bigger man with all the sweet, silly, and slightly sadistic sensuality that makes this a signature Jessie Lee punishment session. I mean...this dude is brutal, yet he never stops smiling. His nicely cut, hairless bod glows in the light as he effectively muscles Chace into half nelsons and sleepers.

“You’re my bitch,” laughs Lee, as if speaking the words aloud makes them true, and somehow it works! He slaps Chace like a bitch across his chest and face. He elicits one submission after another from Chace’s flawless prince lips. He even grinds his face into the mat, as the camera zooms in to explore in humiliating clarity the folds, bulges, and curves of Chace’s bulging package and sensually hairy ass. Jessie Lee is a beast, but is Chase all bitch, or is there some fight left in him?

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 55 seconds

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