Chace LaChance vs. Trenton Ducati & Cameron (Double-Crossed)


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Insurance is something that provides protection against a possible eventuality, in other words some type of disaster causing a loss. Usually we purchase insurance to protect our possessions such as cars and homes, as well as health and life insurance for ourselves. Porn star Trenton Ducati has agreed to wrestle Chace LaChance. Trenton is a big man with plenty of muscle, but is not a trained wrestler. Chace is big, hairy, muscular, well trained in wrestling, and has a reputation for being brutal in the ring. Trenton decides to purchase some insurance for this match and agrees to pay Cameron $500 to help him for 15 minutes in this match. Cameron agrees to $250 up front and $250 at the end of the match. That’s a lot of scratch for just 15 minutes. Chace is a tough wrestler and is known for kicking the ass of damn near anyone dumb enough to step in the ring against him. Is he tough enough to beat the big muscular Trenton and the smaller experienced Cameron? 

Trenton and Chace are in their respective corners, with Cameron sitting on the top rope in between them. Chace wastes no time in going after Trenton and, as expected, takes immediate control. This looks like it will be another easy victory for Chace, until Cameron enters the picture. Chace is instantly double-teamed and quickly loses control. Looking at Trenton’s wrestling skills, it is clear that Chace would have destroyed him had he not brought along his insurance policy. Chace is subjected to constant double-teaming, kicks, punches, wrestling holds, and a wedgie that would have any man screaming in pain. Both Trenton and Cameron are having fun beating up on this brutal heel. 

As Cameron’s 15 minutes are up, he wants the other half of his money. Trenton says, “Your money’s right here” and motions for Cameron to wrestle him. Big mistake. Trenton is much bigger and more muscular than Cameron, but Cameron’s days as a jobber are long gone. Not only does he kick Trenton’s ass, but Chace wants back in the action for a little payback for the beating he received. Trenton should have just paid Cameron what he was owed. 

All three wrestlers eventually go after each other and it ends up a total free-for-all in the ring. Each man is trying to take control of the other two. It’s hard to keep up with who is teaming with whom as it seems to change constantly. One man has his manhood totally stomped and is pushed out of the ring under the bottom rope. One grabs the other and puts him in a powerful sleeper, leaving him stretched out cold. At the end, one wrestler is on the floor holding his own package, one is asleep on the mats, and one stands victorious over the other two. Who is the victor?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 52 seconds

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