Channing Travolta vs. Garrett Thomas


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Get ready for a methodical pair of ring fighters, each one ready to beat the other into a pulp. Garrett Thomas is a long-haired, lupine scrapper in black boots and speedos, his lengthy locks bound in a modern manbun. Sexy tats and a certain cool confidence give Thomas an edge against big, blonde, and corny Channing Travolta.

“After I win I’m gonna cut off that manbun!” barks Travolta. And it’s on!

The initial lockup sees Travolta moaning like a wimp, even when he crushes Thomas in his powerful arms. Thomas, barely blinking, all but breaks the beefy blonde’s arm as they wind each other up like a string. Thomas gains control of the big blonde’s leg, twisting and hammering away at him, then locking him up good with his killer thighs. You can see his cut abs working hard to hold Travolta, as the bald ref watches, helpless. Travolta uses his own legs to trap the wolfman, but not for long. Soon he’s spread out in an awkward pose, his package humiliatingly on display in his pretty white speedo.

This is a nasty fight, an even match, full of dirty moves and desperate flailing, grappling, struggling, and truly painful bitch moves. Shiny knee pad covered knees drive heads into the duct taped floor. Brand new boots squeak and lockup. These dudes fight until they’re covered and sweat. One of them ends up begging the ref for help...but who? In an epic final moment, the winner removes some dirty bet money from his speedo and shoves it in the loser’s defeated mouth!

Run Time: 21 minutes, 47 seconds

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