Channing Travolta vs. Guido Genatto & Flash LaCash


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We all know Guido Genatto is a hairy hunk of brutal trash talk and aggressive power moves. Paired up with bearded, bulging-eyed Flash LaCash, these two beasts plan to show no mercy to the doughy, blonde, Billy Eichner-like Channing Travolta. Prim and prissy in his pristine white gear and dyed blonde hair, Travolta tries to resist the athletic power moves by attempting to choke Genatto. Big mistake!

Travolta’s back is arched with merciless aggression, his soft abdomen slapped and beaten. Genatto camels Travolta as LaCash wrenches his legs, twisting him into positions of excruciating pain. The heels take turns beating the boy, tossing him head over heels, or slamming him down with brutal glee. LaCash pounds Travolta’s balls against his knee, then proceeds to choke him while Genatto figure fours him.

Fingers are tortured, ears are twisted, arms are used as choking ropes, brute strength is applied...and Travolta begs for a submission, tapping uselessly. But the heels aren't finished yet.

“I don’t want to let go,” barks Genatto. “It feels too good!”

You’ve never seen a squash job like this!

Run Time: 21 minutes, 12 seconds

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