Chase Sinn vs. Chico The Student


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“I’m sorry, Chico. I gotta make an example outta you,” says Chase Sinn, crossing the ring with that sleek feline grace, shiny black booted feet barely making a sound against the mats. This dude is perfection incarnate, from his action figure-like, olive-skinned muscularity, to his scruffy elegance, like a pirate and a prince all rolled up into one tight, tormenting package. 

Blonde big guy Chico barely utters a word before Chase’s flawless arms enclose his head in a sleeper that somehow melts into a Chase rolls the big guy all over the mats like a sack of flour, closing in on his chin and wrenching his head backward in holds so agonizing and constricting poor Chico’s face turns crimson. 

Chase applies a hold very like a camel clutch, only Chase himself is in a total arch himself, pelvis raised skyward while Chico suffers with his face upturned and aching for release! Does this hold even have a name? Hard to imagine anybody but Chase pulling it off. And just wait until Chase takes it one step further, tying Chico’s own arms around his own neck in a straitjacket of muscle and flesh!

It’s a long, rough, nasty bullying session that leaves one wrestler shoeless and witless, complete with a pulled-up-by-the-hair, face forced into the camera demand for respect from one of the hottest heels in history.

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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