Chase Sinn vs. Nick Sparx


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Nick Sparx is a hot up-and-comer looking to break into the pro wrestling ranks. He has his own personal gym for training and practice. He just signed up for a wrestling lesson with the pro wrestling veteran Chase Sinn based on a recommendation from myself. 

I make it no secret that I put Chase in my Top 5 Best Technical and Most Knowledgeable Wrestler list. I actually apprenticed under him in 2010/2011 and credit him (and a few others) for my vast improving as a pro during those years. Anyway…

Chase (5’5”, 160 pounds) has a hard time moving Nick (5’10”, 185 pounds) around during the sparring session. Nick frustrates his teacher by reversing holds without permission. As I’ve said, Chase is a phenomenal technical wrestler and has mastered countless holds and counter-holds, so Nick is out-classed. Chase conceitedly offers advice on how to reverse holds. 

Nick is eager. He holds an over-the-knee backbreaker too long and that infuriates the master. Chase explodes on his student. Hell, he even makes his ask for a chop to the chest, to which Nick states, “Let’s fuckin’ do it!” before his chest is reddened by a hard chop across the pecs.

The action spills outside the ring where Chase continues his dominance. It isn't long before a steel ladder is introduced to be used as a weapon against the yellow speedo-clad, Nick Sparx signaling the becoming of the end for his pro wrestling dreams.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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