Chase Sinn vs. Wayne The Jobber


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Chase Sinn is the goldenboy of wrestling, which he makes more than apparent in his shimmering, ass-embracing trunks, knee pads, and arm garters. He’s not a simple man, this hard-bodied hunk, with his decorative language choices, polished looks, and product-laden coiffure. Wayne the Jobber is equally hot, but comes at his hotness from a completely different angle. This dude ain’t trying to impress nobody! He doesn’t have to. He backs it up with his wrestling. Or does he? 

These guys collide like two boulders, only to pull away again to reconsider tactics. They’re more than just strong and brutal...they’re smart wrestlers too. This quickly becomes a technical match, as well as a battle of wills. Chase tries to psyche out Wayne. Wayne responds with more measured aggression, as headlocks are smoothly maneuvered out of, faces are pinned to the floor with knees, arms are wrenched behind backs, and sleeper holds are attempted, thwarted, and attempted again. 

Wayne, as per usual, turns up the asshole switch, mocking Chase’s sister, which forces the goldenboy to practically rip Wayne’s ears off. Chase turns up his own volume switch, hammering Jobber Wayne into the ground, ripping his facial hair, applying back breakers, and eventually manipulating the shit-talkin’ bitch like a tattooed marionette, working his every muscle until the goldenboy himself is literally dripping with sweat, which only adds emphasis to his god’s body.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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