Chet Chastain vs. Alex Oliver (Domination)


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Chet Chastain wastes no time in bringing the pain to upstart Alex Oliver, putting him in an oxygen robbing choke hold. Moving to a gut squashing leg scissors, Chet taunts Alex verbally declaring his dominance. Chet continues to dominate Alex with chokes and arm bars that bring cries of pain that only help satisfy him. Chet humiliates Alex until he makes a futile attempt to fight back. This only serves to infuriate Chet who returns to his dominant position and really brings it.

Chet Chastain puts Alex Oliver into more excrutiating submission holds than he can handle. This doesn't stop Chet. Once he establishes his dominance, he continues to put Alex through painful reverse leg stretches to neck straining headlocks, all the while verbally reminding him of who's in control. Add in some hard nipple twisters and the pain finally evokes a tap out from Alex. Not yet. Chet just isn't finished. He continues with the humiliation and the pain goes on. Begging from Alex only brings knee drops to the groin that bring a smile to Chet Chastains' face. Ahhhhh, sweet pain. A pec and shoulder ripping arm bar help to satisfy Chet's hunger for cries of pain. 

Alex Oliver delivers verbal insults to Chet Chastain that lead to another barrage of punishment and humiliation. Forced to his knees, Alex is ordered to pull Chet's knee pad back into place. Alex is rewarded with a neck straining head twist paired with a deep neck claw. Chet informs Alex that he will make him his bitch and bark like a dog. Alex foolishly denies it will happen. A hamstring ripping leg hold soon proves Alex very wrong. Chet gets Alex into a crushing bear hug that has him pleading to quit. Not good enough for Chet. Out comes the dog collar and chain. Act like a bitch, you get locked up like a bitch. Chet leaves Alex in the ring whining like a beaten dog. 

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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