Chet Chastain vs. Alvin James (Dog Collar)


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Best friends and tag team partners on the independent wrestling scene, Chet and Alvin, meet up for an intense Dog Collar match. Chet is fired up over some things that happened over the last few weeks and Alvin is non-chalant about  betraying the friendship, even daring to call Chet a "little bitch."

Chet is ready to go right from the start. Alvin is playing mind-games, which pisses Chet off more. The words are harsh and the action is hot. Chet is a natural when it comes to the underground wrestling scene. His heart and brain know exactly where to go when he's in the ring or on the mat.

The chain attached to both men's necks keeps the action in close quarters and we get to watch the former friends take turns destroying each other for our enjoyment.

Chet enjoys loads of success with his strong legs wrapping them around the head and torso of his foe. Alvin is tired of the punishment, so he takes the low road and utilizes the chain to the groin of Chet. 

The friends couldn't careless about the long-term damage they are dishing out. Certainly it made for a long car ride back home in the same automobile for these two.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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