Chet Chastain vs. Caleb Klein


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Don’t be fooled by Chet Chastain’s looks. That pretty face and smooth musculature are good for much more than just lounging by the beach. He’s a fighter with aggressive tendencies and a red hot mean-streak...but, not today...

Enter Caleb Klein, complete with camo trunks, fierce fauxhawk, and of course that sexy as fuck gravel-voice. Not to mention that bruiser body, scientifically designed to inflict pain and humiliation on prettyboys like Chastain. Don’t ask why. Klein doesn’t even need a reason to beat the shit out of this punk. 

With sweat streaking his hairy chest and torso, the bigger, stronger, better man digs into Chastain, who sobs, begs, and cries like a complete and total bitch. Get ready for methodical finger abuse, legs twisted nearly out of socket, black boots standing on chests or stomping abs. Klein chokes the bitch with his own cris-crossed arms, applying one wrangling hold after another, and leaning back to luxuriate in the glow of that pretty Chastain face twisted in agony. 

“Tell me how much pain you’re in right now…” he demands. 

Chastain, for all his talent and temper, just screams until he’s squashed like clay and smeared into the mat by the better man.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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