Chet Chastain vs. Danny DeMented (Steel Cage)


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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have Chet Chastain (Randy Winters) all to yourself in a four-side, 6 foot high cage; trapped and at your mercy? Well, here it is. Chet Chastain shows up innocently for his "next" match. What he doesn't know is that I received a Special Request from a huge fan of Chet's. He told me that he's seen him all over the indy scene and he was thirsting to get his hands on him.

He knew I could make things happen, so on a recent shoot I invited both Randy and his fan to film outside of Boston. Chet's face turned from a smile to a face of concern when he saw Danny DeMented pull up to the warehouse.

Chet was sent into the ring for his first match. While has was stretching, Danny began developing the plan he had laid out over the phone. Danny snuck a look from behind the curtain, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal himself as Chet's opponent. Carrying a chain he walked out and immediately laid on a verbal assault.

In moments, the cage was chained and locked. Chet was trapped and his options were limited.

In a complete one-side match, Mr. Danny DeMented pulverizes the handsome heartthrob. Pulling at his mouth, gouging at his eyes and noses. Danny utilizes his weight and power throughout this match...along with some dirty tactics. A low blow has Chet whimpering on the mat.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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