Chet Chastain vs. Guido Genatto (Fantasy Fights)


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During a recent taping, as everyone was going through the stock-pile of speedos, tights and other gear, Chet pulled out something special. With gleam in his eyes, he pleaded to wear the costume. It didn't take any convincing, as I thought it would lead to a fun and steamy match...especially with Guido Genatto.

Guido was fired up and ready to go. A great victim was warming up for the feast as well.

Barefoot, speedo-clad domination on the good looking superhero. Guido has added MMA gloves to his masculine look. Hairy and beefy heel punishes an almost willing jobber.

The way Chet suffers is very intoxicating. It is a pleasure to watch.

Guido hasn't been more dominating than in his recent matches. I'd say he was out for blood, but I think he wants to be seen as the ONLY alpha-male.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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