Chet Chastain vs. Zach Reno (Captured)


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Watching Chet Chastain and Zach Reno stretch before a match is a study in agility, flexibility, and determination. It’s hairy hero vs. prettyboy heel, in a battle of lithe, lean muscularity, and nasty tactics. Early in the action Chastain rips into Reno’s beard, rendering him weak enough to put compression on his ribs and launching him into the air. Chastain rides reno like a pony, applying a killer camel that Reno is all too happy to payback with a sleeper of his own. 

“There’s no fuckin rope breaks in this match, little boy!” barks Chastain, maneuvering his hairy opponent into an excruciating back-breaker, where he proceeds to pull, yank, twist, and tear at Reno’s signature body hair while keeping his own smooth armpit squarely locked over Reno’s moaning mouth.  

“I’m a nice guy,” Chastain says, allowing a limp Reno to collapse in a pile of his own sweat and sorrow . “I just get off on hurting people a little bit.” Will Reno end up dog collared and chained to the turnbuckles, or will he turn this skill on the smooth sadist? 

There’s plenty of high flying throws and fancy physicality, but this is, at the core, a cruel, nasty, vindictive, painful fight, filled with small humiliations and hurts from two guys who know a thing or two about satisfying their aggression.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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