Christian Thorn vs. Austin Adonis

Christian Thorn vs. Austin Adonis

NHB Fights

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Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)
Austin Adonis (6'0", 225 lbs, Connecticut)

Austin Adonis is a built brawler with a thick muscle gut and some serious stamina. He looks a little scared as he stretches in preparation for his bout with shorter musclestud Christian Thorn. Christian is one of W4H’s most popular fighters, and it’s no surprise considering his outstanding musculature, bodacious tats, and overall charm in the ring. Now it’s time to see if he can really wrestle in this no holds barred battle with a taller opponent! 

Christian in fast, fearless, crushing the bigger Austin’s throat with his teeth gritted...his superior, but smaller biceps brushing against Austin’s face. Austin huffs and puffs like a locomotive as he and Christian tie up and tumble to the mats. Austin is a rock, an impenetrable wall, but Christian is tireless in his efforts to break through.  

Soon Austin is being ground into the floor, only to wriggle free and winde his serpent-like legs around Austin. Nobody is able to quite get an edge on anybody else until Thorn finally earns a tap from the bigger boy by crushing his neck . Now Thorn is pumped, and Austin only looks more scared and in his head than before, for what proves to be a very close match between two very different body types! 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 54 seconds

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