Christian Thorn vs. Austin Cooper (Mat Rats)


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Christian’s more than proven he’s not afraid to stand up to bigger dudes. Austin has no preferences when it comes to who he brutalizes. It’s actually pretty sweet to watch these two go at it. Each has their individual strengths, and both are partial to clamping their opponents heads between their massive man thighs. This ain’t no pro match either. These muscle bros dig into each other in a full on grapple fest, with tons of interlocked limbs and well-executed holds.

Austin proves he’s an expert grappler, rolling Christian all over the mat in a nearly silent, gasping fight for dominance. Austin succeeds in grabbing Christian’s hand and pulling it between his own legs, driving his head into the mat, and applying killer headlocks.

Muscular legs tangle and twist, powerful bodies roll like thunder, heads are pushed into positions of deep discomfort. Massive biceps are rendered useless, and hamstrings are stretched beyond endurance. Austin spladles Christian, exposing his ass in a humiliatingly painful hold. Christian in turn clamps Austin’s neck so hard he taps.

This is a test of energy as well as skill, and you can hear these dudes groaning and straining more with each passing minute, yet they never pull apart. Their bodies seem to share a powerful magnetic connection that keeps each man finding more and more brutal holds and combos to apply, until both are sweaty and seriously seeking to put the pain on their opponent. The winner forces the loser to make a verbal declaration of superiority while struggling against a figure four that prevents words from being produced. It’s a rough, royally nasty way to end this gentlemanly match...and it is not to be missed.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 52 seconds

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