Christian Thorn vs. Blake Starr


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I just love watching young pretty boys with hard bodies go at it in the ring, all that aggression and competition mixed up with all that pride. They may not be staying it, but there’s always an undercurrent of pride at the heart of every match between dudes like this. Blake Starr knows he’s hot, Christian Thorn works mad hard to keep that body looking fine. It’s only natural they should want to test themselves against another young dude...and these bros don’t hold back!

No one person has the advantage for too long in this competitive match, as they tumble and roll, only to scramble to their feet and lockup again. They move so quickly, it’s hard to count the number of moves they manage to get in there. Starr mounts Thorn, straddling and flexing over him. Thorn responds by flipping Starr painfully on his back and standing on him to flex himself. Soon they’re both locked together on the floor, stretching each other out with brutal precision. Legs and arms are twisted and torn, heads are thrown back in agony.

Thorn camels Starr. Blake throws Christian and returns the favor, wrenching hims backward and into the trap of his crushing thigh muscles. Sweat begins to drip down their muscular bodies, as Thorn schoolboy pins Starr and forces him into a nasty head-scissor, leaving those lean abs open to some furious gut punching.

Five minutes into this match and you’ll be wondering how either man can go on, yet they keep on crashing together like boulders, and gripping each other like warring titans and the fighting gets progressively dirtier and dirtier with hair pulling and ball abuse. One man is the definite victor, but you won’t be able to predict who until the very end of this sweaty, athletic exhibition of strength and skill.

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 50 seconds

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