Christian Thorn vs. Blake Starr (Thongs)


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Christian and Blake face off barefoot in jeans and shirts, going at it like a coupla roughhousing cousins with cheap shots, headlocks, pectoral abuse, fists, and tangled legs. The surprise, of course, is that these fully-clothed combatants have secrets under those jeans. G-strings! You can see glimpses of them as they rip and rage against each other, and it’s only a matter of time before those conservative clothes come off. 

First the shirts go, allowing the scrappers to grind their bare chests together with the force of two steamrollers, choking and struggling in a skin-on-skin clatter bash, cameras getting in close to show you strained muscles, heaving chests, and exposed armpits. Jeans are yanked off and used as weapons, both for bondage and strangling. With every passing second, these guys grow more and more enraged, locked together like a pair of magnets who hate each other but can’t seem to separate. 

Thorn goes to town on Blake’s nipples. Blake pounds the hell out of Thorns abs. Schoolboy pins, facesitting, and feet in faces are just some of the humiliating moves these dynamic athletes apply. 

Once stripped down to g-strings, bulging packages take center stage, butts bounce and clench, but only one man can win this red-hot athletic war...and the winner is anybody’s guess until the very end! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 34 seconds

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