Christian Thorn vs. Chace LaChance


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Wrestling newbie Christian Thorn is doing his yoga stretches in the ring when Chace enters and asks if they are in a yoga class or a wrestling ring. Talk about two very buff wrestlers, there isn’t 5% body fat on these two combined. Both are covered in huge muscles from head to toe and luckily for us, they love to show them off. Christian has gorgeous bronzed skin that’s been kissed by the sun, sexy tattoos, and a package that more than fills out his red trunks. Chace is taller, stronger, and has probably 40 pounds of bulk on the young stud. Chace flaunts his superior size and strength and shows off that manly and sexy hairy body. 

Chace has been hand-picked to break in some newbies and Thorn is the latest victim to have to step in the ring against him. Chace has the size, strength, experience, and arrogance to teach this newbie some lessons in the ring. Christian is more than willing to give it his all against this brutal heel. Unfortunately, Chace has no intentions of losing and has what it takes to prove he’s the better man. 

Thorn deserves credit. He never gave up and kept coming back for more. He did, however, spend the better part of the match on the mats and struggling in painful holds applied by the superior Chace. Just to have some fun, Chace continually taunts his opponent throughout the match. He makes some newbie mistakes by flexing when told to, only to receive some cheap shots, shaking hands and going in for a bro hug, only to receive a forearm to the back that sends him quickly down to the mat. It’s all part of the learning process and Christian has a lot to learn. 

Christian Thorn refused to be a lay down jobber and would quickly get up and go in for another attack. Chace, as always, proved to be the superior wrestler and stronger man. The rookie gave an incredible showing for his first match, but he was matched up against one of the best in the business. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 16 seconds

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