Christian Thorn vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Thongs)


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We find gorgeous Christian strapped to the wall, wearing only a white thong, which he fills out extremely well. The fun we could have with this! That gorgeous body is struggling to escape when in walks one of the meanest wrestlers at W4H, Jaxton Wheeler. Christian is no stranger to wrestling some of the meanest and toughest guys here. He’s wrestled Guido “Dirty Daddy” Genatto, Max Quivers, and Ronnie Pearl, just to name a few. Christian has proven he is willing to take on the best and toughest W4H has to offer. Christian calls out for anyone or someone to help him. Jaxton tells him that there isn’t anyone to help him. “F*** YOU” is Christian’s reply. That probably isn’t the smartest thing he could say to someone as sadistic as Jaxton. Jaxton gives a direct gut shot, followed by a rag soaked in chloroform. Once he’s out, Jaxton releases him and easily puts him over his shoulder. This appears as if it’s going to be another harsh and painful match for our sexy young muscle stud. 

Much as expected, Jaxton unleashes his full arsenal of wrestling holds. He takes great pleasure in making Christian suffer mercilessly at his hands. Christian is knocked out a second time with the chloroform rag, this time being awakened by intense gut punches as his face is looking directly at Jaxton’s ass. As if the punches aren’t enough, Jaxton applies a claw hold to Christian’s gut, followed by one each of his thighs. Ultimately, sexy young Christian is out cold from a head scissors in Jaxton’s gargantuan thighs. 

Christian is one of the sexiest wrestlers at W4H, but he tends to wrestle some of the toughest opponents he can find. He, like so many before him, falls victim to the sadistic Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton appears to enjoy toying with this young muscle stud. Who can blame him? Not content with just leaving Christian out cold, he picks him up and straps him to the wall again. Poor Christian. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 23 seconds

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