Christian Thorn vs. Joey Nux (Military)


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Big muscle daddy Joey is busy polishing his rifle. No, that’s not a euphemism. Christian tries to trick Joey into trading jobs with him, but Joey isn’t as dumb as he looks. Big, hard arms encircle tiny Christian, bending him into every possible painful position. Yes, Christian has a very impressive physique, massive muscles for his small stature, but Joey is like a giant compared to him.

He forces Christian to his knees, pressing the rifle down on his windpipe so hard he can’t even scream. Joey lifts Christian, tossing him onto the mat with brutal, bullying aggression. Christian scrambles to his feet, only to have Joey literally shove him into a wall so hard, pretty sure you actually hear Christian’s brain rattle around in there.

Next he’s lifted high into Joey’s arms, squeezed so hard he can barely put up a struggle, only to be slammed into the wall with Joey’s full weight against him again...and again..and again…

“I can’t even get up…” moans a broken Christian only moments before enduring a killer camel clutch, a debilitating lift by his neck, and a lengthy session with Joey’s massive hand locked firmly around his throat while the poor, pathetic jobber kicks, gags, and struggles. No more does he scramble to his feet and charge the bigger man. Now it’s a game of pain and endurance. Will he cry? Will he plead? Or will he simply allow Joey to smash him into sawdust? Joey is the ultimate weapon in this punishing squash job that leaves an otherwise scrappy fighter eating a facefull of sweaty armpit, which is right where he belongs.

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 37 seconds

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