Christian Thorn vs. Max Quivers & Teddy Trouble


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Gorgeous young Christian is sporting those lemon-lime colored trunks again. The best thing about them is that they leave damn near nothing to the imagination when it comes to what’s in them, mainly Christian’s very well-endowed package. Max Quivers enters the ring and is ticked off that he’s booked a match with Christian three times previously, yet Christian never showed. We can’t blame him. Still, Max wants payback and will get his revenge. He brings with him a wrestler who is equally mean, destructive, and dominating, Mr. Teddy Trouble. Christian has suffered some serious beatings in his brief time at W4H, but we have a feeling this will be one of the worst he’s ever had in his life. 

Teddy enters the ring wearing what he claims is a $7,000 fur coat. It looks more like a cheap imitation which can be bought on any street corner in NYC for a $100 or some nasty fake my grandmother would have bought at a yard sale, but we aren’t going to be the ones to say that to Mr. Trouble (yeah, we’re afraid of him). Max wants Christian hurt badly and Teddy Trouble is just the man to do it. Teddy knows most every wrestling hold there is, and he loves nothing more than inflicting pain and punishment into his opponent, dominating and humiliating him at every possibility. Although Max has paid Teddy to hurt Christian, he is hardly a bystander and takes every opportunity to hurt him himself. Christian ends up spitting at Teddy Trouble, a mistake he instantly regrets. 

When pinned by Max, Christian makes a critical mistake by kicking out just before the three-count. What Max and Teddy do to him next is one of the most humiliating and degrading acts we’ve ever seen at W4H. We can’t find the words to describe the abuse Christian is subjected to in this match. We even used a thesaurus and still couldn’t find an accurate description. Even so, Christian really should have known better. He’s got a lot of talent and plenty of muscle, but he’s not even close to being ready to take on either of these brutal animals, much less both at the same time. We just hope the beating Christian sustained in this match isn’t so bad that he quits wrestling. He’s one of our favorites and we hope to see him return to the ring quickly. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 17 minutes, 53 seconds

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