Christian Thorn vs. Roman

Christian Thorn vs. Roman

NHB Fights

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Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)
Roman (5'9", 242 lbs, New York)

Daaaaang! That’s all you can say when you first get a load of Roman. This dude is big, hairy, and epically built. He growls and grumbles as he stretches out his massive frame, his muscles stunningly defined by an all-over coating of hair. How will Thorn compete with this massive, musclebound gladiator? 

Roman’s thigh muscles fill the camera frame. Thorn can’t help but smile through is pain as he’s stretched and squashed by this beast of a battler. You can hear yours truly giggling behind the camera watching Thorn try to match his brutal opponent, who is clearly as hard as he is hairy. Every move Roman makes seems to be agony for Thorn, who promptly taps out. 

But Thorn is a man of many talents, and endurance is one of them. As is speed. Smaller guys have a way of maintaining their energy in the face of bigger dudes who get tired faster. Maybe, just maybe Thorn can keep up with Roman. One thing’s for sure, there’s art in watching him try and never give up, even against seemingly impossible odds! 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 38 seconds

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