Christian Thorn vs. Seth Borden (Ring)


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Meet Seth Borden, a friend of a friend I met at a party. He’s a long, lanky dancer, singer, and bartender with a ghostly, almost preternatural beauty. His hair is a mop of pale waves with dark roots, and he wrestles with a very desperate, very sexy aggression that’s unique in all the world. Christian Thorn has a blast dragging this tall, leggy prince all over the floor. His lean limbs kick and flail as he suffers in Thron’s masterful grip. Seth doesn’t suffer quietly, roaring like a wild animal as wrestling boots tie up and open claws dig into his abdomen.

Thorn feels like a champ, punishing this fresh meat with only half the strength he has. He mounts Seth’s back and pulls his legs up in a punishing stretch that sees Seth screaming bloody murder.

“That all ya got?” laughs Thorn. Seth rears back and charges like a bull, only to find his head at the center of Thorns muscular wraparound arms, with fists of fury pounding him deep in his side. Seth revs up again and charges into Thorn, pushing him into the ropes only to find himself forced to his knees once again screaming like a victim before he’s hurled into the floor.

It’s a squash job, pure and simple, but nobody suffers quite like Seth, and best of all, he never ever stops fighting back, earning no victory, but something much more important: Thorn’s respect. I think he’ll earn your respect too.

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 3 seconds

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