Christian Thorn vs. Trenton Ducati & Rolf Fulton (Double-Teamed)


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In the world of wrestling, the typical handicap match pits two smaller jobbers against one vicious heel. The heel enjoys toying with his jobbers, beating them down, inflicting punishment, and ultimately destroying them. That is not the way this match goes. 

Wrestling newbie Christian Thorn is scheduled to wrestle the much larger Trenton Ducati. The rookie is short, but has nothing much pure muscle under his skin. Trenton is tall and strong, and appears to be able to easily beat his smaller foe. Christian is stretching for the match, and showing off his gorgeous package in his skimpy red trunks, when Trent steps through the ropes. The novice wrestler asks where his partner is, apparently expecting he and another wrestler will take on the much larger muscle daddy. Trenton tells the young gun that he has something different for him. In comes Rolf Fulton, a young heel Trenton is mentoring. Poor Little Christian, he is in for the beating of his life. 

The double-teaming starts immediately and never stops. Thorn is subjected to non-stop punishment, lots of physical abuse, spankings, and wedgies that even had us wincing in pain. After giving one of his brutal wedgies, Christian is dangling helplessly in Trenton’s tight full nelson, Rolf repeatedly grabs and slaps the subdued opponent's ample package, causing extreme pain, but making us jealous that we aren’t getting to grab it. Trenton spanks young Thorn so hard that it was tough to see where his red trunks end and his gorgeous ass began. 

Finally, the brutal heels decide they are done beating up on the poor boy. Trenton gets the honor of putting him out in a sleeper. Once he comes to, Rolf is instructed to “take the trash out.” After raising his masters hand in victory, Rolf grabs the back of the defeated foe’s trunks and a handful of his gorgeous hair and throws him through the ropes.

He gave it his best and fought back as best as he could, but two against one was just too much for him.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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