Damien Rush vs. Chet Chastain


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Chet Chastain gets a lot of shit for being pretty, but really, what’s he supposed to do about it. He can’t help being a sweet-faced, hairless, innocent looking tenor. Enter Damien Rush, every inch a man, bold, confident, and hairy as a wild beast. Sure, he and the prettyboy are about the same size, but that won’t stop Rush from making a bedside table out of the bitchboy. The Master Carpenter is at work! 

Chastain manages to lock on a momentary scissor hold, only to feel the brunt of Rush’s bare foot in his abs. Soon he’s on all fours, being molded into a fucking bedside table, just like Rush predicted. Chastain finds himself struggling to escape Rush’s abdominal abuse session, but is powerless against those hairy legs. 

Rush holds back nothing, grinding Chastain’s face into the floor and straddling the back of his head and turning on the squeeze. Damien Rush is a special sort of sadist, completely egotistical, with the talent to back it up. Chastain on the other hand is just a piece of cheap furniture.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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