Dante Bello vs. Igor (Outdoors)


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The language of two gorgeous hard bodies grappling with one another, each trying to best the other, rolling and striving for supremacy is universal. I can say this because in this match between two of our

newest Wrestler 4 Hire stablemates, Igor and Dante Bello, not a word of English is spoken, and yet the story that is told between the two is something not to be missed.

Dante has a decided height advantage over Igor and uses it at various times throughout the match, however, Igor understands the concept of “on the mat everyone is the same size”. Back and forth the two foreigners go, with arm and leg bars, full nelsons and reverse bear hugs. The grunts and gasps of each combatant come through in any language!

The victor is decided when one grappler is able to put the other into an extended sleeper hold. The loser strains to escape, but the champion will not relent until his opponent has left the waking world. Once asleep, the champion celebrates and poses over his victim in a way that a wrestling fan from any country will understand!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 13 seconds

*This video has an audio problem due to water getting on the camera near the end of the video

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