Dashing Dustin vs. Dr. X (Gut Bash)


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Dustin is nervous and I think it’s obvious. I mean, how would you feel being told that I have a surprise for you with a smirk, while watching a masked muscle man walk through the front door. I had one simple message for Dr. X: attack those ripped abs! 

Dustin has never faced a classic ring veteran like the relentless Doctor. Ab punishment, gut punching and abdominal stretches torture the handsome young man, who hadn’t even planned on wrestling that day. The boots are just as dominating as the holds while targeting the mid-section.  Dustin isn’t sure what is going on, but he’s feeling it. The look on his face is between pain and pleasure. 

You’ll notice the growth (wink face) of excitement as the match progresses. 

Dr. X turns dastardly when he decides to tie his toy in the ropes to be subdued for more punishment and torture. A tightly grasped sleeper puts Dustin out, so Dr. X can enjoy him fully.

Dustin is on the losing end, but he’s feeling like a winner…minus a few sore muscles and bruises on his body.  

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 45 seconds

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