Dashing Dustin vs. Zacky Darlin


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There is no waiting for the action to start here. I actually had to hurry to get the camera rolling as this match was ready-to-go immediately. 

Zacky Darlin has a little bit of high school wrestling experience, although, he admits he wasn’t spectacular on the mat. He mostly did it for the enjoyment of the physicality of rolling around with another hot guy. Dustin is the perfect opponent based on that. Lean and bulging out of his green bikini brief.  Dustin is strong and wiry. 

The obvious technique advantage goes to Zacky, who knows how to use his body and his opponents body to get what he wants. This reminds me of the horsing around I used to do with my friends on the wrestling team. We didn’t necessarily know the most efficient way to tap each other out, but we enjoyed the hours of wrestling and trying to hear those words or watch that hand fanatically tap the mat (or living room floor).

What a sight it is watching Dustin’s attempts to bridge out of holds while pushing his bulge up to the sky to admire and drool over. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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