Dawson Delight vs. DK


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DK is new to this ring, but since he’s already totally dominated veteran Blake Starr, he’s already calling it “His ring.” So, when scrappy rookie Dawson shows up like a muscled chihuahua, you know DK is going to waste no time in proving who’s the alpha dog and who’s the bitch. And the bitch is soon crying out “Put me down!” as DK manhandles him all over the ring, eventually putting him down with a solid, back-breaking body slam. DK is all brawn and swarthy good looks, but he won’t be winning any charm contests. He takes what he wants with sheer brutality, and constantly brings the heat. 

Dawson is quickly ready to wholeheartedly agree that it’s DK’s ring, even pleading with DK to give him some training. DK answers that with a face-full of sweaty arm pit. DK is definitely establishing himself as a sadist, and Dawson is today’s unfortunate victim. When he starts calling DK “Sir,” you know he’s a goner. Humiliated, he’s forced to attempt pushups with DK’s massive wrestling boot right across his shoulders. And if it’s training this puppy wants, DK is ready to show him the full painful glory of a leg-breaker, claws, and a classic Camel Clutch. When DK gets a little overheated, he cools off by making Dawson submit to crawling around the ring and barking like a dog, sitting on command, and performing those tiring pushups. 

Dawson wants out of that ring pretty bad, but it won’t be until DK is done making an example of him, fully demonstrating the futility of challenging the bigger and stronger leader of the pack. Dawson is totally owned. 

Run-time: 17 minutes, 48 seconds

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