Dick Rick vs. Brock


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Dick Rick is often amused at the quality of his opponents. Brock the Fan, masked and in his tiger skin speedo, does not disappoint. Although not flashy, Dick is methodical in how he approaches his dissection of his foes. In short order Brock is submitting to a well-executed arm bar. An abdominal stretch once again has Brock gasping for air and losing strength. Another submission. After a few well done poundings on the mat, a figure four leglock has Brock screaming in pain once again.

A well placed foot on Brock (you can figure out where) only serves to further humiliate the jobber. An extended bear hug weakens Brock’s back and when followed by an over the shoulder back breaker he is ready to submit again. Dick places him on the ring apron and chokes him over the turnbuckle supports for another cry of, “I give!”.

What happens is a match that becomes a master class in how to totally dominate and destroy another person. Dick even conducts an inventive and humiliating act on the prone Brock. On final submission and the class is complete. Dick makes the exhausted wrestler scream his submission as he begins to

perform the final and most humiliating act one can do to a masked wrestler. This is a match fans of technical wrestling and trash talking can really get behind.

Total running time – 27 minutes, 52 seconds

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