Dick Rick's Gauntlet


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It's Dick Rick's personal waiting room. Three victims await their fate at the hands of the muscle stud. Dick Rick is much larger than all three men. Will is anxious and pops right to his feet when Rick opens the door to the waiting area. Marc Matthews sits blissfully arrogant answering text messages and updating his Facebook account. Kyle Braun gets picked first, he offers a consolation, "Now? Well, what about him?" as he offers his friend up for sacrifice.

"He's later...maybe. You're now. Let's go." Dick Rick opens the door for this nervous jobber.

Pro Wrestler and part-time bodybuilding competitor, Dick Rick loves showing off and he loves the thought of competition. Although, in his head, who can compete with the 6'2", 240 lbs beefcake. The first jobber lasts only 7 minutes at the hands of his superior and ends in the arms of the big man thanks to a tightly applied cobra clutch sleeper-hold. He rolls his limp opponent out of the ring and throws him back into the waiting room.

"You're garbage!" Dick Rick informs his new opponent, which he has emerged with from the adjacent room.

He may be right. Dick Rick has beaten Will before in Dick Rick's Fan(tasy) Challenge. It's obvious that Dick Rick is just toying with these under-qualified opponents. Dick Rick is a man and he isn't going to be shown to look otherwise.

That Dick Rick arrogance and shit-eating grin are present throughout the destruction of his personally selected group of jobbers. Finding much pleasure and amusement, mostly at his own greatness, he continues his onslaught. A heavy knee dropped on Will's vulnerable nuts.

When Dick Rick is done he drags his opponent twenty feet across the ring back to the holding tank. While forcing his third opponent out to the ring, he tells another to continue doing push-ups. Frightened of another beating, the speedo-clad victim from the first match does as told.

Marc Matthews has competed for numerous companies and had hundreds of matches, along with thousands of hours of training in several martial arts, boxing and other fighting sports.

Dick Rick is glistening with sweat. The engine is finally running at full speed. He begs to be hit by his opponent. Mr. Dick Rick even allows Marc to try a hold or two on him, which does nothing except bring out the competitor in him. Easily he muscles his way through any hold.

Utilizing a pro-mission style of wrestling, pro based holds with real torque, he holds his opponent under his thumb. Forcing him wherever he chooses. Feeling it's time to break his opponent, Dick Rick delivers the final straw. A devastating torture rack that he stretches his opponent with before driving him to the mat from atop his massive shoulders.

The first two cohorts come to check on their fallen buddy. It seems Marc has gotten the worst of the three beatings and they want to make sure he will be okay. As the three men crouch in the ring, Dick Rick sneaks up from behind and, like a house on fire, destroys everything in his path. Bodyslams are delivered and Matthews is tied in the ropes.

The other two are double bearhugged until they fatigue. A final bodyslam onto his friends is how the trio is left.

Total Run-time: 35 minutes

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