Dimitri Darkthorn & Blake Starr vs. Gabe Steele & Ricky Vegas


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Dimitri and Blake are like a pale twin wrestling duo with similar bodies, similar skills, and even matching attire. They stretch and bounce around the ring, displaying their exquisite musculature, lean torsos, long legs, and impressive packages visible in thin, white speedos. They push and pull each other through a hot stretch session in preparation for their match for, what they probably hope will be another duo just like them in size and shape. Wrong! 

Enter Latinx studs Gabe Steele and Ricky Vegas, attired in pink and black fetish gear, sun glasses, and talking mad trash that the white boys can’t comprehend. Gabe is a massive brawler heel, while Ricky is a tiny ball of thunder. Each man is beautifully brown, powerfully built, and ready to wreck the two pale jokers. Gabe and Ricky attack the white boy’s balls first, going to town on their junk and mocking them with priceless smiles. Dimitri and Blake return the favor by straddling and squashing Gabe and Ricky’s balls. Gabe and Blake go hard and heavy, while Ricky and Dimitri work on their own personal rivalry. 

Ricky throws Dimitri. Gabe throws Ricky INTO Dimitri. Both beautiful brown bruisers wrench the white boy’s arms with total command, then bury both of their faces in their armpits in unison, only to focus their attention on Dimitri’s balls. The battle rages on, going back-and-forth, as four unique fighters explore every possible combination of holds and hurts. Get ready for a full vid of inventive, erotic, exerting humiliation and exciting group action. 

Total Runtime - 25 minutes, 45 seconds

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