Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Alex Costa


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Barefoot Dimitri looks damn good in nothing but a blue and white speedo. Stretching in the ring, toes flexing, back arching, he’s impressively flexible. A handsome kid, he looks like he’d be fun to tangle with. Enter Alex Costa, who looks like he should be fencing shirtless on a pirate ship. This dude is big, muscular, tan, and toned. His impressive ass alone is barely contained in his lime green speedos as he lunges, growling, at tiny Dimitri. 

The Pirate Prince is bearded and hairy chested, with the bulging eyes of a maniac, and the bulging biceps of a gym obsessive. He’s all popping veins and attempts at popping Dimitri’s head. Dimitri is little more than a chew toy for this growling dog, who camels and clobbers the kid with comedic style. Costa closes his thighs around Dimitri’s head and rocks him back-and-forth until you’re sure Dimitri’s half dead. 

Costa grinds his huge, manly knee into the kid’s back and flexes like a champion...and it’s breathtaking, in more ways than one. Boots grind into Dimitri’s throat, sweat mingles, abs are clawed and closed in on with astonishing brutality. Headlocks...sleepers...piledrivers...one chokehold after another. And so much sweat coating sexy muscles in this incredible squash match! 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 21 seconds

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