Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Chad Daniels


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Chad Daniels is a golden-haired hunk...if you like ‘em pale and pensive. In black boots, white knee pads, and miniscule red speedos, he stretches in silence across the ring from cutie loudmouth Dimitri Darkthorn. Dimitri always sounds like the kid who got beat by big brothers who’s trying to make up for it now. He’s aggressive in his trash talk as well as his wrestling style. He even insults Chad’s paleness. 

The initial test of strength makes both men moan and mutter, until Chad succeeds in pressing Dimitri all the way into a backbend...which he manages to rise out of with all the grace of a dancer. These guys are clearly even in strength, as Chad finds himself now backbent into the floor. Fingers still interlaced from the first lockup, Chad looks utterly bewildered and unaware of what’s to come, but viewers will know immediately that this is going to be Dimitri’s day. 

Pale Chad looks pretty hot trapped from behind by Dimitri on his knees. Dimitri looks like he’s never been so victorious before, as he attacks the blonde dude’s face with clawing hands. This is a slow, intentional fight that increases in intensity the longer they go. Dragon sleepers, knees in backs, triangles, and so much more. Pale Chad gets a taste of Dimitri’s sadistic side! 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 59 seconds

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