Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Drago


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Dimitri Darkthorn looks incredible stretching in the ring, his lean swimmer’s build a pleasure to take in, his impressive package protruding through his purple speedo. In white boots and nothing else, he’s a vision of youthful health, viggor, and perfection. But enter Drago, the brawny, broad-shouldered beast, and suddenly nobody’s looking at pretty Dimitri. 

Drago hoists the kid off his feet, then crushes his head with his powerful thighs. 

“No!” cries an already sweaty Dimitri. “You’re too big and strong. Get these tree trunks off of me!” Nobody suffers like Dimitri, who throws his whole self into the accurate and artistic depiction of complete and total pain. 

Dimitri impies between gasps and moans that Drago wants to sleep with him. If that’s true, looks like Dimitri better buckle up and get ready to enjoy it. Dimitri’s back is nearly broken, his hair is pulled with demented glee by Drago. The giant’s ankles lock, and his huge, sausage-like bare feet twist and curl in ways that suggest Dimitri’s in for a world of pain and punishment in this sweat-soaked, speedo stripping squash job that will leave you as breathless as poor, pretty Dimitri. 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 59 seconds

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