Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Gabe Steele


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Dimitri is an energized, awkwardly sexy stud with a big mouth and a lot to prove. He arches his back, displaying a swimmer’s musculature and a prominent package. Enter Gabe Steele, the ultimate heel. Gabe glares and grins at the kid, getting his attention quickly. How could anybody not notice Gabe Steele? Stakes seem to be set, although nobody can be certain what’s at stake. Dimitri enters into the match anyway, putting something at risk...but what?

Gabe closes his fist around Dimitri’s throat, which makes Dimitri resist with an odd duck-like noise. Gabe presses him into the mat, elbowing his back, pulling his hair, and constantly finding ways to ruin the young wrestler’s balls...sometimes by picking him up by them. You’ve never seen Dimitri looking so pathetic as when he submits to Gabe, who happens to be straddling him. 

Gabe slings Dimitri over his shoulder, grins like a champion, and ignores the jobber’s every begging plea of “I give up!” Gabe knows he can suffer, and he’s not ready to give up his pretty little toy. Sweat drips down Gabe’s sexy chest as Dimitri submits and submits again and again... 

Total Runtime - 29 minutes, 37 seconds

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