Dimitri Darkthorn vs. Todd The Rod


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Dimitri is a slim, sleek pretty boy with more sass and trash talk in his tight, perfect body than most guys twice his size. Todd the Rod, on the other hand, is a beefy, hairy big brother type who doesn’t talk big, but fights with all his might. From the moment Dimitri and Todd lockup, you can almost feel the evenness in their strength, and see the surprise on their faces. Slim Dimitri manages to attack Todd’s nipples, only to find himself flung hard again and again, leaving him kicking and groaning, his beautiful body flexing and flailing in agony. 

Todd likes giving the kid a taste of pain, and takes a hefty helping of the kid’s hair before finding himself being stretched over Dimitri’s knee with a solid fist buried deep in his hairy gut. Dimitri cups Todd’s chin while cranking his leg backward. Dimitri coils his arm around Todd’s neck, making him turn bright red as he strains for release. Suddenly, Todd’s in control again, making Dimitri scream out in pain. 

These guys exchange power and position again and again, making it impossible to guess who will come out on top in this surprisingly even match between two very different dudes. Filled with sleepers, nuggies, pins, tangled legs, face slaps, hate filled trash talk, sweat, and so much more. The sweaty slap fight in the middle of the match is a particularly hot highlight! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 29 seconds

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