DJ Beckham Jr vs. Bobby Bryce


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You might think this is a classic heel and face match, but this is really a classic squash job. Bobby Bryce is more of a baby-face.  He’s got a nice, lean, somewhat twinky,  frame, and he’ll probably still get carded when he’s 40.  On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is DJ.  There is not a flaw on that body.  He is new to W4H, but pro wrestling fans will likely recognize him and his winning moves. He is massively ripped and macho, and he wastes no time in proving who the alpha dog is, when he places that boot hard on Bobby’s crotch.  If Bobby had been younger, it might have stopped puberty in its tracks.  

And DJ’s kicks, body slams, chokes and submissions will not stop, even when Bobby gets to the ropes.  A camel clutch that transitions to a cross face, then a chin lock, and then a sleeper is just one example of how DJ completely dominates, while Bobby does his heaving best to crawl away – unsuccessfully. Bobby tries tapping out, he screams “I quit!” and even repeatedly tries to give up, but none of it works.  DJ gets that wild-eyed expression you know means more craziness is to come, and revels in Bobby’s cries as DJ mercilessly bends him in a back breaker.  There is not a joint or body part that is going to escape the pain of DJ’s boot stomps, especially the balls.  DJ proclaims himself the “zaddy” before executing a perfect Boston Crab.

Really, you’ll be wondering when they had to call the medics in.  But one thing you can say for the kid, he suffers very well.  For all you squash match fans, this is the one.

Run Time 20 minutes, 51 seconds

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