DJ Beckham Jr vs. Wes Ratchett


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DJ’s first run for W4H wouldn’t be complete without a dust up with prison-ready Wes Ratchett.  Covered in tats, with wild eyes and obvious brawn, you just know Wes has figured out the best hiding places for a shiv.  DJ is the face of this match.  He’s lean and muscular with abs for days, and piercing, dark eyes complementing his scruffy, handsome face.

Wes takes his time in the early part of this match, showing off his submission skills, and stretching DJ’s sinewy muscles to their breaking points.  The huge vein popping out of each of Wes’s biceps will remind you of a python waiting to crush its prey.  And crush they do.  With DJ in an eye popping surfboard, Wes just mocks his groans and pleas.  There’s no crying in baseball, or in the ring.  A big difference with Wes from other pros is that he exquisitely takes his time torturing his ring mates, working every submission for maximum pain, and maximum show for you.  It’s a smart tactic, draining the strength of DJ, while preserving his own energy.

DJ breaks free every so often and lands some great blows of his own, showing off his ample experience in the ring.  He even frees himself from a sleeper at the last minute, slamming Wes down into the mat.  But the crazy-eyed Wes is only getting warmed up, and DJ is still winded and getting sweaty.  A great double hammerlock gives you a spectacular bird’s eye view up DJ’s legs, crotch, abs, and glistening, stretched out pecs. 

DJ is a slippery one though, and has proven himself to be a master at the reversal. Slipping Wes’s power grip, DJ gets him in a relentless crossface, taking Wes’s neck to the breaking point.  That’s followed by a masterful ankle lock, and finally, Wes gets a taste of his own medicine.  But like a dog spitting out his pills while still eating the peanut butter, Wes has the wherewithal to get what he wants. In spite of some more great reversals from DJ, Wes is going to choke, twist, slam, and wrench DJ into total submission.  

Run Time 21 minutes, 59 seconds

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