Drago vs. Reyes Valenti


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Drago’s body is almost too perfect to describe. He’s like the impossible love child of Dolf Lundgren and Arnold Schwartzenegger. Like if every 1980’s action figure got fused into one flawless human and was placed in a wrestling ring, you’ve got the right idea. Enter Reyes, easily one of the smallest, cutest, and bravest little jobbers in town. 

Watch this tiny stud walk right up to the living, breathing god, and call him out for some shady behavior. Reyes pushes and shoves, and gets right up in Drago’s face. Naturally, Reyes ends up hoisted into the air and slammed hard. Drago flattens him like an ant and flexes a bit to show off. But suddenly...Reyes is on his feet again, and he has very possibly BLINDED the bigger man. 

Now the tables have turned, as the scrappy, small stud goes to town on the massive muscle stallion. Drago chokes, gags, moans, slaps the mat, begs, flops, and endures the stripping away of his shirt...revealing that godlike body in even greater detail. But Reyes is undeterred as he takes his revenge on Drago and every big guy who ever picked on him. “Go to sleep!” roars Reyes through gritted teeth...and that’s only five minutes into this sweaty, surprising, athletic exhibition of humiliation, fantasy, and one beautiful jobber reigning supreme! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 27 seconds

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