Drago vs. Scrappy


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Much can be said, has been said, and will be said about the bodies of Drago and Scrappy. Each man has his own legion of fans and muscle worshipers who would love to get their hands on either of these two strapping, sinewy studs. It was only a matter of time before they went at each other! 

Scrappy may be shorter, but both men are rippling with Herculean brawn. Drago wants to know if the shorter stud is scared of him. Scrappy never admits to being afraid, even as he’s being stomped into the mat, lifted up by his curls, or stretched across the bigger man’s shoulders. Bare feet flex and curl in pain. Blindingly white teeth glint in the light. Powerful pectorals clash and grind, as every line and detail of each shredded man is loved on by the camera. 

Scrappy takes one hell of a beating, being stretched over ropes and pushed headfirst into turnbuckles. When Drago finally decides to rest his ass on top of Scrappy’s ass to have better access to the kid’s legs, you know it’s all over for Scrappy, who winces, whimpers, flinches, and recoils like the most muscular jobberbitch you’ve ever seen!

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 53 seconds

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