Drake Marcos vs. Brad Barnes (Oil Wrestling)


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"Brad Barnes here...master of oil wrestling...best in the world," the powerful, fireplug proclaims. He's not a tall man, but boy is he thick, with solid muscle inflated over a solid frame. Enter Drake Marcos, the hairy, lean, naturally built babe with a seriously erotic flair to his fighting. Marcos helps the golden boss get nice and slippery, oiling up his thighs, back, and more. Two more physically different fighters would be hard to find, but Marcos is intimidated by Barnes' big brother banter. 

A nasty shoving match turns into a vicious lockup, reminding us that Marcos is a fuckin' beast on the mat! 

"Master of oil," Marcos laughs, grinding his ass in Barnes' face. "Master of shit, looks like now!" 

Watching these two very different fighters go to town on one another in a truly aggressive fight with the added element of oil will have you holding your breath and hoping for more and more. The battle is well-executed with lots of slapping, strangling, smothering, and tightly clamped holds. But what sets this fight apart from the others is the relentless grips and squeezes these dudes maintain, as if the challenge of an opponent with a slippery body only drives these guys to find new and better ways to put the pain on!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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